Creative Arts
by Cathy

Welcome to the News

I really tried to be on top if this news page but I haven't been as good about it as I would like.

Newest paintings: MY FAVORITE FOODS which I am quite pleased with. I have always wanted to have my work in a museum, thus: THE CATHY KRAVITZ GALLERY.

There are also note cards of THE GIRLS OF THE ZOO,and MY FAVORITE FOODS available.

Last year I did paper quilling, which is a very fun process. I have done it with paper and then I started doing it with clay. My newest venture is a printing class. I am learning etching, wood cuts, and mono prints, all of which I really enjoy.

A new series of paintings that I just started on is a western series, and women of the world.

Clay: My newest pieces are musical instruments and music men. I have started working

on masks again which are quite different than my earlier masks. I am also working on fish.

Other news: I have three children's books and the ideas for 3 more:

A DOG'S DAY, about a little boy and his dog. This book talks about sharing and friendship.

WHAT WE CAN DO: A BOOK ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING, which explains global warming to children in a simple way and talks about the things children can do to help.

Both books can be found on my website, as well as through and Barnes and Through Amazon, I sold books in the UK which is quite exciting. I will start very soon to visit schools and share my books with them.

THE ART BOX: The story of how a little girl occupies her time after she breaks her leg.

Books available on my website and also Amazon


I have always had a great respect for Habitat for Humanity. I recently started a program for Habitat for Humanity, where each person that receives a house can look on my website under MISC. and pick a piece of artwork that has been donated by local artists. The artwork that is chosen, will be presented at the dedication of their new home. My HABITAT FOR HUMANITY project is moving along quite well and I hope to expand to different states.

Look into: Studio Showcases website and check the dates for our next show.

Thank you for visiting my website. Watch for my work at the GREAT FRAME UP, on 86th and Ditch, on Mass Ave at THE FRANKLIN BARRY GALLERY, in Carmel at IZZY'S BAKERY, and STUDIO SHOWCASE.