Creative Arts
by Cathy


Hello and welcome to my web site. Originally from Colorado, I now live in Carmel, Indiana with my husband and Maggie, our dog. We have 2 grown children.

I have loved art for as long as I can remember. My work and imagination sometimes run away with me as I create bright colorful pieces, which have become my trademark. I like to think of my artwork as whimsical and my goal is to make myself and others, smile and feel good.

I enjoy working in many mediums and often cannot decide which one I like the best, therefore, I usually work on a number of pieces at one time:

CLAY: I love to create with clay, watching as it grows and shapes itself. When I am finished with a piece, I get to take it a step further and watch it come alive with the glazes. Color talks to me and I add it wherever.

PAINTING: Painting is so magical. I love to turn a canvas or a surface into something. The ideas in my head often seem to flow faster than I can create them. Again, the colors tend to pop out of my head. I paint in acrylic, as well as water colors. I am now, combining the two as well as adding pieces of clay, paper, or fabric .

I also have painted furniture, doors, walls, and fabric. I am sure there are more surfaces I haven't touched on yet but might in the future.

PRINTMAKING: This is my newest venture and wood block prints are probably my favorite.

I know the idea of printing is to make many copies of the same thing but I tend to change each piece a little bit and sometimes a lot. I have also started combining different mediums to my prints to make them MORE me.

BOOKS: I have always been an avid reader and I love books. I have a few friends who are illustrators as well as mentors. I decided that I should try something new but I didn't want to just illustrate, so I wrote and illustrated A DOG'S DAY, my first book.

My second book, is WHAT WE CAN DO : A BOOK ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING. I wanted to do something that would help to make a difference, and simply explain global warming

THE ART BOX is my third book.

All three of my books are available through my website or can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

TEACHING: By trade, I am an elementary school teacher. I have never given up my teaching because children are terrific! I decided to combine both of my worlds by teaching art. I love every minute of it. The children are so inspiring as well as fresh and creative. I have 2 very important rules for all of my students:

1. Have fun!

2. There are no mistakes in art.

COMMUNITY PROJECTS: I participated in 2 different events for the INDY 500. I decorated a truck tire for ARTFUL TREADS. The following year, I participated in ART IN MOTION, along with Peter Max. I was sponsored by INDIANA'S WOMAN MAGAZINE, and painted a car, entitled, MY SECRET CAR-DEN. I painted a real violin for a fundraiser for the Carmel symphony.

My work has been shown in many venues throughout Indianapolis. Details, in Keystone at the Crossing, The Great Frame Up, 86th and Ditch, The Franklin Barry Gallery, on Mass. Ave., Cafe Zuppa, near the circle, Mindful Movements Pilate's Studio, on 86th and Ditch, LuLu's Electric Cafe, on 86th and Ditch, and IUPUI Gallery,. I have also exhibited at the Indianapolis Art Center. I am a member of Studio Showcase.

I initiated a program for HABITAT FOR HUMANITY. I collect artwork from local artists and the new homeowners are able to choose a work of art from the collection, as a house warming present for their new home.

I hope you enjoy CREATIVE ARTS BY CATHY. Please keep me bookmarked in your favorites because I change and update my stock as I reinvent myself (not as often I would like to do).